Traffic Apex For Publishers Obsctruced By Short Term Planning By Advertisers

According to Rakuten Advertising’s Road to Recovery, 44% of publishers anticipate traffic levels for 2020 surge shopping season period to exceed pre-pandemic levels. 72% of the participants responded that advertisers who’re devoted to paid relationships over the holiday period and 70% of these respondents discovered that advertisers are only committing to short-term plans of 3 months or less. 

Commissions will hold up for the entire holiday season for the 37% of the publishers. However, 62% were of opinion that short-term planning may be established. 43% of these publishers announced a drop in spendings for the campaign and 37% observed that they need to be more active and respond to the requirements of the clients. 

The other trend that surged is a change in the way advertisers spend on campaigns for which 46% of publishers are noticing a rise in flat fee paid placements and 37% observe a rise in requests to pay through commission. Majority of the publishers, i.e. 77% also reported better performance from advertisers who are focusing on affiliate channels. 

Publishers are going with the changes as they rethink confirmed strategies. 44% of them were seen extending partnership perks to advertisers who’re investing more in structuring relationships with affiliate networks. 62% of global publisher network are seeking new features for their websites and apps to maximise traffic over the holiday season with 34% of them connecting directly with their audiences via fixed CTAs. 

Social media being utilized by 47% of the participants to navigate traffic with 43% shifting to email marketing and 27% using paid search. Upon being questioned as to which traffic delivered the greatest rise in referral traffic since the arrival of the pandemic, organic was the answer responded by 48%, from which 34% was by social and 29% by mobile. 

Source – The Drum