Curated Marketplaces Paves Way For Transparency – Future Of Programmatic

The programmatic industry has always faced problems with transparency since it came into being because of its complex ecosystem crowded with multiple intermediaries. But with the evolving nature of marketplaces, they’re getting more mature, and hence transparency in digital media is coming out as a much-discussed topic. 

According to eMarketer, programmatic ad spending on private marketplaces is anticipated to outstrip open exchanges. This surge is considerable and experts have concluded that it will exceed open markets by about 3 to 1 in 2020 and beyond. A subset of RTB – PMPs which include a private deal between publishers and advertisers will witness double-digit growth throughout the forecast period. 

There are many benefits to curated marketplaces. The primary factor for agencies and holding companies is that they let them to merge with technology companies to get the best media on the supply side. The model is maturing to extend new programmatic supply solutions that are focused on driving performance with high quality inventory and transparency. 

Marketplaces should evolve to present new programmatic supply solutions to focus on improved trading efficiency along with high quality inventory and transparency. This is essential to improve trust and hence confidence in programmatic marketplace. From the buyer side, however, this paradigm aids in gathering inventory keeping in minf the buyers’ specifications even as the inventory is easily targetable. 

Add to it the increased reach against first-party data to create a scaled marketplace for buyers and encourage them to implement buys themselves rather than relying on third parties. From the point of view of sellers, it allows publishers to filter through high quality supply with ease and precision along with reinforced transparency across media, technology, and costs. In short, it provides the media ecosystem the ability to create best quality inventory at the best price for clients and curate personalized solutions for the needs of the clients. 

The future of marketplaces could be about optimization of a buyer’s way to supply. With early marketplace adapters indicating upward trend of 10% improvement in viewability and 15% in campaign performance, the shift can derive upward growth in the area. As marketing becomes more ROI-led, the future will be about diverting the present supply chain to connect technologies in a noval, efficient and transparent programmatic model.
Source: The Drum