Digital Will Be A Choice Of Many Holiday Shoppers In The US

It’s not surprising that the behaviour of so many consumers has moved online owing to the onset of COVID19. This trend is expected to continue through the entire season of holiday shopping. 

71% of the US adults, as per the data from daVinci Payments stated that they were planning to do the majority of their shopping digitally this year. Millennials, falling in the age range of 26-38 were largely inclined to shop via digital platforms. Those who’re 56 or older resorted to shopping online in 2020 which means that many are getting more comfortable with e-commerce. 

Data from Salesforce revealed that similar shifts were noticed regarding holiday shopping this year. Expect for the 10% of respondents, almost half of the US adults expressed their interest in shopping online for holidays as compared to last year. 

Besides that, other platforms like m-commerce and social commerce have also experienced consumer traffic. As per the survey by Salesforce, 37% of US adults were interested in shopping via a mobile app as compared to last year and 22% expressed similar thoughts about social commerce. 

Apart from that, the curbside pickup has witnessed a surge allowing shoppers to make quick purchases eliminating human contact and this method of buying is anticipated to continue throughout the holiday season 2020. As per eMarket, the US click-and-collect e-commerce sales will grow by 60.4% with sales reaching $58.52 billion. 

There will be an overall decline of 10.5% in the US retail sales this year and a 14% drop in brick-and-mortar sales as per the social distancing measures. However, e-commerce is expected to grow by 18.0% following a gain of 14.9% in 2019.

Source – eMarketer